Extra Savings

Florida plays host to a lot of the vaping industry’s favorite companies. They include Vaporfi, South Beach Smoke, Vapor Shark, Wake N’ Vape, and Direct Vapor. Some of these locations are in-person shops, but Direct Vapor operates directly from a warehouse so they can provide the best pricing on products that carry other brand names. Direct Vapor does not design, mix, or manufacture; they sell items made in China and USA.

Direct Vapor’s Excellent Pricing

The number one reason to shop with Direct Vapor is pricing: they can’t be beaten by legitimate companies online or in person. They mitigate the low cost by not running a loyalty program. Whereas some firms charge more for goods, reward points help to offset extra costs. That is not the way they roll at Direct Vapor, although shipping is free at least. In the end, it still looks like Direct Vapor wins, but there is one thing you might not have luck finding and that’s a Direct Vapor coupon.

Direct Vapor Coupon Code

When you find a promo code for Direct Vapor at an electronics coupon site or one focused on e-cig savings, all Direct Vapor codes take you back to their website. If you discover a code for additional savings, that’s quite a find. Be sure to tell your friends.

Coupon Sources

Codes like these are found on the Direct Vapor website so, for customers who were headed this way anyway, just investigate the website. Save money by receiving their digital newsletter, for example. As far as coupons go, however, these are mostly to be found offsite and are posted by affiliate marketers on blogs, possibly on forums, on pages of reviews about vaping equipment and companies, and also on those special coupon sites mentioned above. Some of them carry codes for almost anything you can think of that is available for purchase over the internet.

New to Direct Vapor?

Imagine you are a newly advanced vaper with no idea where to shop for equipment, batteries, and accessories. You ask the internet for vaping stores and coupons and are taken to a page that lists lots of both. Direct Vapor happens to be one of them. In this case, promo codes are worth finding. They give you new information. Meanwhile, if Direct Vapor coupons are more eye-catching than those by their competitors, they draw customer attention off of competitors’ deals. For affiliates, that’s the point. When you click on a code and then buy something, an affiliate earns some commission.

Deals at Direct Vapor

Leaving coupons aside for one minute, Direct Vapor’s deals are excellent in other respects. First, as a master distributor for many major brands, they are entitled to the lowest wholesale prices and are able to establish deals for customers that are also low. Direct Vapor is so confident that they are willing to publish this guarantee: if you find a regularly-priced item for less anywhere else, they will match the price. That doesn’t include sales. Direct Vapor saves their clients money by never charging for shipping, not even for a single bottle of e-juice priced less than $15, as long as you live in the United States. Direct Vapor makes a point of carrying products that don’t let you down and prove their economy false in the long run. You know the stuff: it seems cheap, but then you break it within a few weeks. Direct Vapor selects dependable brands, no clones guaranteed, and even back their products with further guarantees. Return goods within 15 days for your money back or take advantage of a 60-day manufacturer’s guarantee against breakage and malfunction.

Select a Direct Vapor product bundle. This is the Direct Vapor version of a starter kit except you are encouraged to customize. Opt for a mod and then determine which of three tanks you think will go with it best. Direct Vapor’s selections are already compatible; now it’s just a matter of personal preference. Bundles contain batteries and a charger and save you money.