Hamilton County Expands Its Knowledge Base

The news here at the Hamilton County blog is that the owners are growing and expanding the base of knowledge that currently comprises the foundation of the site. Where, prior to this year, the focus was more singular (i.e. more narrow, and less broad), we have determined that readers would prefer to see a little bit more diversity of topics versus just concentrating on one aspect of a subject matter.

For example, let’s say that in the past, we concentrated on “DIY indoor home projects” for people who had an advanced knowledge of tools, building, etc. Now, instead of just that, we might include pieces that discuss various issues that a homeowner might face (e.g. What if there is mold? What if our water is contaminated?).

Or, to use any number of different subjects – instead of focusing on a single health topic (e.g. “diet” or “fitness”) you might see pieces on preventing STDs or dealing with addiction or overeating, etc.

In other words, as the world continues to change and diversify, we will be changing and diversifying right along with it. Thank you for stopping by, and please come back as we begin posting!